– 2000+ HD Live Channels
– USA/CAN Live TV (UK/Latino as complimentary) 
– News/Sports/Movies/kids/Adults…
– Daily Updating Sports Events 
– Full EPG 
– ✅ 24hours Catch-up available for 100+ most popular Channels
– One account Allows lines from 2 IPs

Already  a member? Login here


✅Beast Player APK (Recommended):
1,🔥🔥 Beast Player V3 download URL:

2, BeastOriginal download 
(*Android Smartphone friendly APK, just type URL address in Chrome to download and install)

3, TheBeast-2022 download 
http://only.beast.live   (Or Downloader Code :60211)

4, TiviMate Player(non-premium version) download

5, IPTV Smarters Pro 1.2 For Windows (EXE File)
Click to download

6, IPTV Smarters Pro 1.2 For Mac (DMG File)
 Click to download

MAG portal:
http://(Find details in your account information email)
Web Player URL:
http://(Find details in your account information email)
M3U playlist:
(Find in your account information email)

Step 1 – Enable apps from unknown sources
-From your Amazon Fire Stick home screen go to Settings and then to Device.
-Go to Developer Options.
-Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Yes on the warning.
Step 2 – install downloader app on amazon fire tv stick or box
-Go back to Amazon Fire TV home screen and scroll to the Search option (top right, right beside the Home option).
-Type in Downloader in the keyboard which shows up, or click the microphone button and say “Downloader”
-Once you have typed in Downloader scroll down, make sure Downloader word is highlighted and press the Select button (center circle) on the remote.
-On the next screen, select Downloader and then on the next screen press Get.
Step 3 – Download APK
-After you open the Downloader app, highlight the text box and click on it, then type the link below:
*Use below link for Beast Player V3 Click Here
Step 4 – click download, then install
-After you download the APK file, install it by clicking Install in the lower right corner.
-After its installed, click Open
-Type your username and password, Account name:beast

-Go to app store, search and find   IPTV Smarters(recommended)/
-Install it and enter the details below:

-“Username” enter: your username
-“Password” enter: your password
-“Url_Here”enter:  http://(Find details in your account information email)

1.) Download GSE Smart IPTV(Pro) from App Store/Google Play. and Open
2.)Click Xtream-codes API ( the 2nd item on the left panel)
4.)Click the ‘+’ symbol on the top left corner.
5.) Fill the Connect to Server information (Find the information in account information Email )

7.) Double check information inputed and click Login,

 That is it, so easy, Enjoy
*(Find details in Knowledgebase after login )

Part A:Install PVR Simple Client in Kodi
1- Open the Kodi application and click the Settings option on the home screen
2- On the next window, click Add-ons
3- Now, open the option Install from repository
4- If you see the window with the list of the repositories, click Kodi Add-on repository (appears only if you have installed at least one third-party repository)
5- Scroll down a little and choose PVR Clients on the next screen
6- On the following window, scroll down a bit and click PVR IPTV Simple Client
7- Click the Install button on the next screen (bottom right)
8- Wait while PVR IPTV Simple client is installed

Part B:Configure the PVR IPTV Simple Client
1- Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled add-ons -> PVR Clients and select the IPTV Simple Client add-on
2- Select “Configure”
3- Select General setting, input your m3u Playlist URL in M3U Play List URL under Location, Click ok to save
4- Select EPG Setting, input your EPG URL  in XMLTV URL under Location, click ok to save
5- Logout of Kodi
6- Login and go to TV, Enjoy

*(Find details in Knowledgebase after login )

Step 1
After you install the app open it you will be greeted with this screen, sometimes it will prompt you to update to the latest version update if this occurs. Then select add playlist button


Step 2
Select Xtream Codes Login from list


Step 3
Enter the server address URL/Username/Password which you can find in your account setting email.

Step 4
The app will start to process the details and install the channels and tv guide. Click done when finish, if it says error go back and make sure and check if the details are correct

Find below information in your account settings email and type in:
Port URL:

Go to Smart TV  App Store, search and find IPTV Smarters, Install it. Find below information in your account settings email and type in:
(***IPTV Smarters only available in USA App store***)
Port URL:


Where to find your account information?

Way One:

please watch the video and find your account info.in your client area.

Note: you need login to your client area with your membership account(email) at JoinBeast.com, after login, then click the service at dashboard, click you present active service, then you will see all account information( BST only). and even APK/app download information.

Way Two:

Find your  account information email in all your email folders, even spam/trash, you can search all your emails with terms joinbeast.
Note: For the best deliverability, we suggest to register your membership account with Gmail, your email address is open for change.
Way Three:,
If you can not find the account information email in your mailbox, please check the email history in your client area
login—–find your name on the top right corner of your client dashboard page—–click your name and see the drop-down menu, select the Email History at bottom of the menu—-enter the email page and find your account information.


❗We suggest using Gmail to register your account, if you want to change your email address, just request by opening a support ticket.

You can install the apk to devices as many as you can, but the service is limited to 4 simultaneous connections from 2 IP addresses(household), No device lock, Account will be blocked once abusement detected.

Fire TV Stick is our recommended streaming device, Cheap but decent.

Sorry, all sales are not refundable, so 48 hours trial account is recommended when you first time use the service, if you order the monthly autopay subscription, the plan can be cancelled any time upon request without any question, but already paid payment is not refundable.

The monthly subscription can be cancelled any time, just login at client area and open a support ticket to request service cancellation, the request will be accepted without any question, the service will be cancelled and recurring payment will be terminated. 100% hassle-free,

To avoid auto payment for next invoice, the cancellation should be requested in 7days before your next due payment date.

BEAST account offers only use username login or m3u playlist. does not offer link to Mac address.Need to order an Addon to get Mac address device linked(such as MAG/254/256/322…).

Login to Client area“Service” at left navigation panel —“View available new Addons” at drop-down menu, then you will your available Addons at right, Order and pay, open a ticket to submit your Mac address after payment done


On any full screen playing channel
Long press the centre of navigation button
The menu will show up at bottom
Move remote cursor to settings (at right end of menu bar) click
Go  Settings- playlist- add account
Account Name:Beast or Hive
That is all

Things that can cause buffering:
1, a slow internet connection (test at https://fast.com),
2,a slow device that is hogging memory,
3, your provider throttling Beast TV (fix by using a VPN),
4, service provider server issue (can open a ticket to request checking)

Here are some simple steps to perform if your having trouble like above 1 &2:

Round 1 (clearing cache)
1) Go into Android Settings on your device and find APPS
2) Select the APP you are having trouble with(ie. Beast App/Beast Player/PerfectPlayer/etc)
3) Select Force Stop
4) Select Storage
5) Select Clear Cache
6) Reboot your device
7) Retest

Still Experiencing an Issue?

Round 2 (Network)
1) Unplug all devices that connect to your network
2) Unplug your Router (if applicable)
3) Unplug your Modem
4) Wait 5 minutes to allow the network to flush
5) After 5 minutes has passed plug everything back in the reverse order
6) Retest

Still Experiencing an Issue?

Round 3 (Fresh Start)
1) Go into Android Settings on your device and find APPS
2) Select the APP you are having trouble with (ie. Beast App/PerfectPlayer/etc)
3) Select Force Stop
4) Select Storage
5) Select Clear Cache
6) Select Clear Data
7) Select Uninstall
8) Restart your device
9) Download a NEW copy of the APP in question and install it
10) Retest

If you are not a monthly autopay subscriber, you ordered once payment service as 1/3/6/12 months, when you need renew, just order another service and leave your present username (make sure exactly the same) before checkout, your service be extended  when payment complete, username and password will remain unchanged. it would be hassle-free and save your time.

Regarding affiliate commission and payment:
1, 50% referral commission for trial account
2, 10% referral commission for all other service.
3, the referring cookie will be valid  for 90days
4, $25 is minimum amount affiliates have to reach before making a withdrawal
5, 7 days delay commission payments – then only pays if account is still active

please contact me if any question

How to refer to your friends.

1, login to your account at https://joinbeast.com/clientarea.php

2, click the Affiliate at the left panel

3, copy Your Unique Referral Link and share it at your social media or just send by email or text